09 Oct
top 20 ship management companies
Navigating Excellence: Top 20 Ship Management Companies in the World
Category: Irish Ship Management, top 20 ship m...
In the vast and intricate world of maritime commerce, ship management plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of vessels, cargo, and crew. Among the many players in t...
29 Sep
Cruise Ship Vacancies Await
Explore Your Dream Career at Irish Ship Management: Cruise Ship Vacancies Await!
Category: Cruise Ship
Have you ever dreamed of embarking on a thrilling journey across the world’s oceans while building a rewarding career? Look no further than Irish Ship Management, a renowned ...
26 Nov
Face the challenges of chain complexity
Category: Contract Logistics, Special Offers
Established in 2005, the group has grown to over 30 people and has completed 900 projects
24 Nov
We join the environmental organization CCWG
Category: Ocean Freight, Special Offers
Global leaders in marine container transport, create and use practical tools for measuring
23 Nov
Tianjin Port Came to a Halt after Explosions
Category: Air Freight, Special Offers
The explosion at Binhai Ocean Port in Tianjin caused severe damage to many warehouses
21 Nov
Modeling, optimization and simulation rounds
Category: Contract Logistics, Special Offers
World-class modeling, optimization and simulation rounds out the portfolio
16 Nov
Your short and long range business goals
Category: Contract Logistics, SCS Management
In addition to the human capital on the Network Solutions team, domain experts from all areas
15 Nov
For European sustainable development week
Category: Ground Freight, Ocean Freight
Making an active contribution to the French organization’s efforts to provide meals
14 Nov
Our goal is to make objective & clever decisions
Category: Air Freight, Ground Freight, Special...
See what our goal is to enable you to make objective decisions that balance cost
12 Nov
Customers rely on us to help them
Category: SCS Management, Special Offers
The team coordinated the transport of a terminal built by Van Aalst Bulk Handling and team knows the drill.