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When something goes wrong, both the financial fallout and the impact on one’s reputation can create a devastating domino effect for large and small businesses alike. That’s why it’s paramount that you opt for insurance services from an experienced company that understands the shipping and marine industry inside out. That way, when a disruption occurs, you’ll get the support you need. Ship management insurance services from Irish Ship Management are crucial safeguards for businesses of all sizes. With our deep understanding of the shipping and marine industry, we provide the support you need during disruptions, protecting your finances and reputation from the domino effect.

Over the years, Irish has earned itself an international reputation for providing the very best insurance services. With a professional and efficient claim handling service, our experienced marine insurance and claims management team is able to provide all our clients with reliable, effective insurance services – built up through decades of industry experience and expertise.

At Irish Ship Management, we understand both the critical role of shipping in the global economy and the range of insurance cover needed, as well as the risks posed by different vessels actively working within the sector. This allows us to negotiate better, more cost-effective prices from our underwriters, which we can then pass on to our clients. As a result, we can utilize our strategic position as a leading marine insurance provider to make sure your maritime asset is covered by the most appropriate protection, as well as ensure you are protected from any liabilities or risks that could arise.

Through our London-based in-house insurance broking company, Irish Ship Management’s fully integrated marine insurance services provide our clients with the very best customer service and insurance coverage. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients are receiving exceptional, professional insurance coverage that meets the needs of both themselves and their vessel/s.

As the largest global provider of marine support services, Irish is dedicated to delivering high-quality, effective insurance coverage that exceeds the expectations of our clients. We ship management Insurance services proud to work with every sector in the maritime industry to supply a range of insurance products that meet their operational requirements. Our diverse portfolio of clients ranges from shipowners, ship managers, banks, and crewing agents to trade unions, charterers, ship repairers, offshore contractors, and shipyards.

Maintaining operational safety and vessel performance depends heavily on the health and well-being of your crew. That’s why to help attract and keep the greatest maritime talent, We also provide owners/operators with access to comprehensive benefit packages for crews and their families.

What Types of Marine Insurance are there?

Do you export your goods abroad? If so, who insures your goods while they are being transported? Also, who is in charge of insuring the goods being transported? And if the customer is liable for insurance, is the level of coverage provided by the client’s policy sufficient in the case of a loss?

Maritime insurance is a crucial component in the inner workings of the sector’s marine-centric solutions. There are three main types of marine insurance. Explore comprehensive ship management insurance services with Irish Ship Management. Protect your maritime investments with our expert insurance solutions.

• Marine Cargo Insurance
Marine Cargo Insurance

Marine cargo insurance covers loss or damage to property due to natural disasters, man-made disasters and disruption such as theft, violence and piracy, collision and the sinking/stranding of your vessel. Marine cargo insurance also covers additional expenses such as survey fees.

Hull Insurance
Hull Insurance

Hull insurance protects you against damage to your own vessel. It covers a variety of repairs including hull, machinery and equipment damage. Your planned usage for the vessel will determine the type of hull insurance you seek.

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Marine Liability Insurance

Marine liability insurance protects clients from the numerous liabilities that can occur in the maritime sector. This type of insurance usually provides third-party liability insurance and usually covers liabilities arising from loss of life, injury and damage to third-party interests

Frequently Asked Questions

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As the name suggests, marine liability insurance often provides third-party liability insurance to businesses and organisations in the maritime sector, and typically addresses obligations resulting from wrongful death, bodily harm, and damage to third-party property.

Marine cargo insurance covers loss or damage to property resulting from a collision, sinking or the stranding of ships, natural disasters, man-made catastrophes (such as theft, violence and piracy.), and other costs such as survey fees. Marine cargo insurance can also cover loss or damage to the ship’s hull, machinery and other important infrastructure.

Hull Interest Insurance, also known as Increased Value (IV) Insurance, is a type of property insurance that covers the complete value or mortgage value of a vessel as well as any additional expenses associated with rebuilding the vessel if it’s a total loss.


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