Chartering, sale & purchase

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Chartering, sale & purchase of vessels are highly specialised services in the maritime industry; chartering a vessel is akin to renting a property while the sale & purchase of existing vessels helps potential buyers stretch their dollar and existing owners recoup their outlay.

Irish provides these services out of its Southampton office; the company has extensive knowledge gained from managing a large fleet of vessels.


Chartering enables ship owners to maximise their investments by leasing out their ships for revenue while third parties get maritime transport for their cargoes without having to invest in a vessel, cutting capital outlay.

We helps negotiate and conclude periodic vessel charters via a network of brokers, affiliates in major maritime hubs.

Its trustworthy, reliable, responsive team of three in Limassol will help you charter a vessel for emerging business opportunities by analysing marketing trends, new commercial possibilities and identifying emerging chartering opportunities.

Sale & Purchase

Irish Chartering offers broking services for the sale and purchase of second-hand vessels, providing advice and guidance to owners for acquisition and disposal of assets.

The company has been in this business since 2013 and possesses an extensive network of contacts along with market experience to help potential buyers and sellers navigate the sale & purchase market.