New build and Ship Management solutions

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Through integrated ship management and new build, we offer a level of quality engineering and efficient management which is unmatched in the maritime industry


Combining high value with controlled costs
Using our expertise and experience, we can support customers throughout contractual negotiations to lower costs.

Technical experience combined with commercial awareness
Through our strong relationships with shipyards, we can ensure that you get the best deal for your new build.

A responsible partner you can rely on
We will complete your new build to high standards without cutting corners.

Seamless process from start to finish
From initial scope and design, to engineering and build, to completion, preparation for service and management of the vessel, you will experience a smooth customer journey with one partner.

Access to a wide range of services through Irish
No other supervision partner can provide the level of consultancy that we can during new build phase. We can advise on condition monitoring, navigation and communication (inc. airtime), repairs, inspections and subsea operations.

Local knowledge within a flexible, global network
Through our Singapore office, we have a long tradition with new build supervisions in China, where we rely heavily on local resources. Where necessary, we incorporate expertise from our global network into the project team, in line with client requirements.