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For large and small businesses alike, minimising operational expenses can help achieve a healthier profit margin as well as assist in keeping pace with competitors. As an independent contracting organisation, the Ship Supply Chain looks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all the services we offer to our clients, as well as your own. As we continue to maximise our purchasing power, Irishis able to proactively lower the cost of services and provide your business with a more cost-effective strategy.

The Irish supply chain involves the thorough planning, management and overseeing of all activities involved with the sourcing, procurement and logistics across our group. It also includes overseeing one of the most crucial components of our services – the coordination and collaboration between our suppliers and clients.

The maritime supply chain is a crucial component in the global economy and world trade, yet securing the most cost-effective price on your products and services isn’t always an easy task. However, with the global buying power of Irish, you’ll be able to cut your overhead costs, cement operational continuity and operate a more efficient service that maximises profitability and productivity.

At Irish, our strategy aims to add value throughout supply chains by removing unnecessary costs, removing bottlenecks and focusing on increasing revenue. To make this happen, we work tirelessly to ensure our systems are responsive to the ever-evolving requirements and needs of our clientele. We also measure key performance indicators, relying on real-time data to make data-driven, forward-thinking decisions that shape the present and future strategies of our industry. By doing so, the team at Irish can ensure the continuous improvement of the products and services that shape and determine the success of global supply chains.