Bulk Carrier Ship Management

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Irish is a leading third-party ship manager of bulk carrier vessels, with significant experience at sea and ashore managing geared and gearless bulk carriers of all sizes.  With a global fleet of bulk carriers, our established global network allows us to share best practices across our large and varied fleet with a convenient choice of geographically spread ship management hubs

Safety underpins everything we do. This is reflected in the consistently strong safety performance of our managed fleet of bulk carriers, which continues to improve year on year.

Our track record and reputation for safety and compliance is important to our seafarers, shore staff and customers alike, and has allowed us to maintain excellent relationships with major bulk cargo operators. With strong RightShip rating, we ensure that vessels under management are maintained in optimum condition, whilst minimising technical off hire.

Our ship management platform will support with the smart interpretation of data to maximise the operations efficiency of your fleet, and help realise your vessel’s opportunities for a measurable impact. By processing crucial real time data from every area of your bulk carrier’s operations, our platform improves your decision-making process to optimise performance and drive profitability – such as monitoring vessel speed, reducing fuel consumption and associated environmental impacts whilst ensuring that charter and voyage performance requirements remain in focus.